Years of issues solved in one day

This block of strata titled townhouses is in a beautiful location between the ocean and the escarpment, however it has been plagued with structural cracking and foundation movement for over a decade. The owners were concerned about the safety and longevity of the property, as well as its capital value.

Using a combination of tensile reinforcement, foundation improvement works and ground stabilisation, these problems have been solved in just one day, leaving the owners to enjoy their property for years to come.

Aegis’ engineers can inspect your property, diagnose the issues causing structural problems, and can project manage the rectification works on behalf of any strata manager or Owners Corporation.

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Foundation Issues and Underpinning

By using advanced underpinning and crack stitching technology, we are able to correct foundation issues under buildings without the need for excavation.

This child care centre in the Illawarra had severe structural cracking and sunken floors.

We were able to significantly improve the floor levels, close up most of the structural cracks, and complete all the work in just 7 hours on a Saturday morning, meaning there was no disruption to the business.

The methodology is cheaper than traditional underpinning, leaves no residual damage such as broken paths and driveways, and it took us about 10 minutes to clean up so there were no hazards for the munchkins on Monday.

We often find that our clients have been patching, repairing large sections of walls and shaving down stuck doors for years. The method also greatly mitigates the need for future maintenance.

This is Aegis’ 6th building completed so far in 2018 and we can provide advice on any commercial, strata or residential building.


Reactive soils

Reactive soils are clay-type soils that swell on wetting and shrink on drying. These soils can cause structural damage which can become more severe over time. Here one of our engineers measures differential movement and damage caused by reactive soils and will provide recommendations on how to mitigate future damage and remediate the building. Aegis' civil and structural engineers can assist you with any structural cracking or foundation issues that are presenting in your residential or commercial buildings.


Aegis' team have spent the past weeks in Hobart at the University of Tasmania

Aegis' team have spent the past weeks in Hobart at the University of Tasmania, consulting with Programmed Facilities Management, on the university's Student Accommodation Expansion Project, which comes under the Inveresk Precinct Redevelopment Masterplan.

The Masterplan includes $126M of new student accommodation buildings, including 770 apartments which will bring social and economic benefits to Inveresk, Newnham, West Park and Hobart.

We also made our own small and compulsory economic contribution to the Lark Distillery before departure.

Aegis can provide expertise in any Asset Management, Portfolio Condition Auditing, Life-Cycle Modelling, or Civil & Structural Engineering you may require. We also specialise in project management of foundation improvement works and remediation for moving and cracking buildings.

(Photo taken outside UTAS new student accommodation Elizabeth St Hobart)

(Photo taken outside UTAS new student accommodation Elizabeth St Hobart)