Foundation Issues and Underpinning

By using advanced underpinning and crack stitching technology, we are able to correct foundation issues under buildings without the need for excavation.

This child care centre in the Illawarra had severe structural cracking and sunken floors.

We were able to significantly improve the floor levels, close up most of the structural cracks, and complete all the work in just 7 hours on a Saturday morning, meaning there was no disruption to the business.

The methodology is cheaper than traditional underpinning, leaves no residual damage such as broken paths and driveways, and it took us about 10 minutes to clean up so there were no hazards for the munchkins on Monday.

We often find that our clients have been patching, repairing large sections of walls and shaving down stuck doors for years. The method also greatly mitigates the need for future maintenance.

This is Aegis’ 6th building completed so far in 2018 and we can provide advice on any commercial, strata or residential building.