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Get Things Fixed Fast!

With more than ten years’ experience in providing engineering and consulting services to the strata sector, we have consistently heard common issues experienced by occupants, strata managers and trades people. We wanted to make the lives of anyone living in a strata titled building, and the lives of their strata managing agent, a little easier.

Safe Strata does just that.

Safe Strata can be used by anyone living in a strata titled building such as a unit or townhouse, regardless of the managing agent or strata manager, to raise maintenance and safety issues around the building, easily and quickly.

With Safe Strata, you can raise maintenance issues around your building in seconds. It relays all the key information needed by your strata manager to get repairs underway without long-winded and tedious emails. A picture is worth a thousand words and Safe Strata allows you to quickly attach photos of the issue with your request. This ensures the right tradesperson with the right equipment is called out the first time.

It can store emergency maintenance contact details so you can call them without delay. If that water pipe in the ceiling bursts, you don’t want to be scrolling through your phone contacts or darting down to the foyer to find the list of emergency maintenance contacts; you know they will auto-dial from Safe Strata.

Safe Strata also allows the Owners Corporation to undertake their own Annual Health and Safety compliance audits, and Capital Works Inspections, and sends a report directly to the strata manager for action and record. This is particularly valuable for small complexes that are dollar conscious.

All in all, Safe Strata helps provide a safer and better maintained building for residents, visitors and contractors.

It also demonstrates proactive safety management by the Owners Corporation and the managing strata agent.


Our app is available for all types of devices and screen sizes, and is available now on the Apple Store and Google Play.