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What is Breathing Buildings?

'Breathing Buildings' is Aegis' asset strategy for bringing wellness, sustainability and cost savings into your strata building by harnessing and deploying best practice tactics and emerging technologies. 

All strata buildings are legislatively required to have a 10 year Capital Works or Sinking Fund Plan.

Unfortunately most Capital Works Fund Plans for strata buildings are based on a one-point-in-time inspection, are usually very generic, and cost estimations for maintenance are based on like-for-like replacement with no recommendations on how to enhance the performance of the property.

Breathing Buildings is different.

We provide strata schemes with a dynamic asset management strategy which supports your strata manager in looking after your home or investment.

How does it work?

Triage  ->  Test  ->  Transform

While inspecting your property and constructing your bespoke 10 year Capital Works Plan or Sinking Fund Plan, our expert inspectors will undertake an energy audit and make other recommendations on how to enhance the long-term performance of the property.

Our energy audits benchmark your building and recommend the most cost effective and practical options to reduce the energy consumption of your apartment building’s common areas and central building services. In most cases a building has not been calibrated or optimised since it was built.


We cover a range of energy efficiency strategies appropriate for your building. These recommendations are integrated into your Capital Works Plan. We factor in the forecast life-cycle cost reductions to allow owners to make smarter decisions about the future of their building which ultimately improves the value of the underlying asset.

What are the results?

Efficiencies can be made often with very little outlay and, with demonstrated energy savings of 7% to 45%, improvement costs often pay for themselves within 1 to 2 years.

Often we see an immediate reduction in the strata administration levy, as energy consumption is often one of the main administration fund costs. We also see the electricity bills of individual Owners reduce and thermal comfort improve where heating and cooling is made more efficient by making changes to 'leaky buildings'.

Creating a sustainable building.

We are with you on the journey. Your Breathing Building Plan entitles you to advice from an expert asset manager as needs arise and we are passionate about having a long term relationship with you and your Breathing Building.

We work with your strata manager to ensure peace of mind for unit owners.

We can project manage any retrofits and act as the building services engineer for any new solar installations you may need. We can even help the Owners Corporation in applying for government grants which can offset the cost of an upgrade.

Case study: A 24 unit block in Wollongong reduced the cost of lighting its common area from $20,000 to $12,000 with a total outlay of $1600 ($67 per owner). Each unit instantly saved $330 per annum on their strata fees.



Other services

If desirable, we can take things a step further and review air quality and a thermal comfort of the building, to ensure occupants are as comfortable as possible.

  1. We can identify issues with carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are chemicals that evaporate from building fabrics, and issues with mould spores which can significantly affect people with sensitive airways such as asthmatics.
  2. We can identify issues with the design of an existing building and recommend passive treatments to improve the temperatures in a building without wasting energy on active heating and cooling.
  3. We can connect you with specialised advice on aging in place and caring for persons with a disability within a strata complex.
  4. Future IoT compatibility

Find out how we you can turn your asset into a breathing building

Greenstars might be for buildings, but Breathing Buildings are for people
— Dylan Chresby, Managing Director